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Qingjiang Gallery completes the tourist reception during the Labor Day in a satisfactory and effective manner

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2018/05/02 01:02
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  The Labor Day holiday just passed and Qingjiang Gallery attracted a slew of tourists with its snug weather and charming scenery and was bustling with tourists come and go in the three-day holiday. According to statistic data, a total of nearly 30,000 tourists from home and abroad were received during the holiday.

  As the mass tourism ramps up and small passenger vehicles are exempted from the toll fee during the Labor Day holiday, self-driving tours are still favored. During the holiday, the parking lots were always laden with cars carrying the entire family out. The parking lots received nearly 8,000 vehicles during the three-day holiday. Most tourists drove here were from Hunan, Henan, Sichuan, Anhui and surrounding places while some from Xiamen, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia.

  In order to ensure the smooth traffic flow during peak periods, Qingjiang Gallery has made early arrangement in advance with a working scheme in place for the incoming holiday. In consideration of the short duration, flocked passenger flow and challenging service guarantee, Qingjiang Gallery has responded actively. On one hand, it adjusted the arrangement of personnel, dispatched more police officers and traffic policemen, enhance the supervision on crowded venues such as parking lots, entrances, Tourist Pier, Immortal Village, Wuluozhongli Mountain, and ensure orderly reception and service. On the other hand, under the unified command of the county party committee and county government, all functional departments cooperated to put more efforts on road transportation, security, food hygiene, business administration and waterborne transportation, set transit stations in the Qingjiang Ancient Town 5km away from the scenic area, so as to create a secure, orderly and harmonious touristic environment for tourists. Meanwhile, cadres and employees of the scenic area worked tirelessly and overtime, carry forward the tireless and struggling work style, work together closely to ensure the successful complement of work at all touristic sites and a secure tourism order.

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