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Caiyuan Villa (three stars)

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2019/01/21 14:49
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Caiyuan Villa is located in the Xiaoxi Lake on the south side of the mountain from Wulu, the birthplace of the Ba people in Qingjiang. It is 27 kilometers away from the Geheyan Dam and can be reached by a 30-minute tour by speedboat. The green water here is vast. The mountains are empty, the songs are farewell, the earth dances and the postures, the silk and bamboo sounds, and the islands are endless. It covers an area of about 13,000 square meters. It has 11 buildings with Tujia style hanging corner building, and more than 40 high and middle-grade rooms. It can also accommodate 130 people for dining and about 100 meeting and travel groups. The villa is fully equipped with large and small conference rooms, dance halls, chess and card rooms, table tennis rooms, billiards rooms, beauty salons and water parachutes, jet skis, water fishing, swimming pools, etc., to meet the different needs of guests. At the Caiyuan Villa, you can taste authentic dishes such as authentic trotters and fresh Qingjiang fish, so that guests can have a good aftertaste. The village has successfully received the leaders of the central, provincial and municipal governments.
Caiyuan Mountain Villa is a three-star tourist resort integrating tourism, conference and leisure.
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Caiyuan Villa (three stars)

Caiyuan Villa is located in the Xiaoxi Lake on the south side of the mountain from Wulu, the birthplace of the Ba people in Qingjiang. It is 27 kilometers away from the Geheyan Dam and can be reached by a 30-minute tour by speedboat. The green water here is vast. The mountains are empty, the songs are farewell, the earth dances and the postures, the silk and bamboo sounds, and the islands are endless. It covers an area of about 13,000 square meters. It has 11 buildings with Tujia style hanging corner building, and more than 40 high and middle-grade rooms. It can also accommodate 130 people for dining and about 100 meeting and travel groups. The villa is fully equipped with large and small conference rooms, dance halls, chess and card rooms, table tennis rooms, billiards rooms, beauty salons and water parachutes, jet skis, water fishing, swimming pools, etc., to meet the different needs of guests. At the Caiyuan Villa, you can taste authentic dishes such as authentic trotters and fresh Qingjiang fish, so that guests can have a good aftertaste. The village has successfully received the leaders of the central, provincial and municipal governments.
Caiyuan Mountain Villa is a three-star tourist resort integrating tourism, conference and leisure.
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