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Qingjiang Gallery, a place for spiritual holiday


Latitude 30 Degrees Island Hotel

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2019/01/21 14:26
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Yichang Changyang North Island Hotel is located in the Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area of ​​Changyang County. It is a tourist resort and leisure area integrating catering, accommodation, conference and leisure. At present, the North Island has built yacht clubs, hotel apartments and hotel villas, conference centers, spas, lobbies, restaurants, wine cellars and wine tasting areas, sports and leisure areas, and can accommodate 500 people for meetings, catering, accommodation and leisure.

Latitude 30 Degrees Island Hotel

Yichang Changyang North Island Hotel is located in the Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area of ​​Changyang County. It is a tourist resort and leisure area integrating catering, accommodation, conference and leisure. At present, the North Island has built yacht clubs, hotel apartments and hotel villas, conference centers, spas, lobbies, restaurants, wine cellars and wine tasting areas, sports and leisure areas, and can accommodate 500 people for meetings, catering, accommodation and leisure.
Yichang Changyang North Island Hotel has 3 dining areas, which can accommodate 100 people in a wooden structure dining area, including luxury private rooms, ordinary private rooms and Japanese teppanyaki restaurants; 200 restaurants for floating restaurants, self-service buffet BBQ area; large casual waterfall restaurant for 400 people dining at the same time. The hotel has three luxurious villas with luxurious layouts and river view rooms for up to 400 people. It is air-cooled in summer and warm in winter. Yacht Club: equipped with 2 luxury yachts and boats such as speedboats. Leisure and entertainment include luxury KTV, outdoor swimming pool, outdoor basketball court, spa lounge, wine cigar bar and more. Ecological diet: The raw materials produced by the North Island kitchen are produced from the original ecological vegetable fields on the island, and the livestock are kept. The tofu, river powder and bacon are all from the island workshop; all the oils are made from the Chinese wolfberry oil, and the drinking water is used. Tianyu Natural Rich Mineral Water is an ideal choice for guests to travel and vacation.
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