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Qingjiang Gallery Company conveys the spirit of the Group Headquarters meeting

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2018/08/10 14:35
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Recently, the company convened a meeting of the party committee to timely convey the spirit of the mid-year work conference and the discipline inspection and supervision work promotion meeting of the group headquarters, and to study and discuss the list of self-examination and self-correcting tasks of the key work of the E-Brigade party building discipline inspection.
Recently, the company convened a meeting of the party committee to timely convey the spirit of the mid-year work conference and the discipline inspection and supervision work promotion meeting of the group headquarters, and to study and discuss the list of self-examination and self-correcting tasks of the key work of the E-Brigade party building discipline inspection.
Qingjiang Gallery Company conveys the spirit of the Group Headquarters meeting
The meeting pointed out: In order to do a good job in the preparations for the inspection of the headquarters of the 11th provincial party committee, in accordance with the party building work of the group headquarters and the "2018 annual inspection and supervision work report", "2018 annual inspection and supervision work points" arrangement, combined with the company's actual situation, put forward work General requirements: "Self-inspection and self-correction must follow the requirements of political inspections, highlight the party's overall leadership at the political level, seize the party's construction on political requirements, focus on the strict management of the party in political orientation, and highlight the party's work style and clean government construction. Struggle against corruption, highlight the political life within the party and purify the political ecology within the party, and revolve around the party’s political construction, ideological construction, organizational construction, work style construction, discipline construction, and the fight against corruption, and implement the responsibility for inspection and rectification. Check and correct."
The meeting emphasized that the Party Committee of the Group Headquarters issued the “List of Self-examination and Self-correcting Tasks for the Key Work of Party Building Discipline Inspection of E-Pait Investment Company”. The party committee of the company further refined the contents of the task list and highlighted the key points: that is, it firmly defends the core of the Party Central Committee of General Secretary Xi Jinping, The core position of the whole party, resolutely safeguarding the party's central authority and centralizing and unifying the leadership; studying and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, and the spirit of the 11th Party Congress; The provisions and implementation rules, the spirit of Hubei Province's implementation measures and the rectification of the "four winds"; the implementation of party discipline and party discipline; the leading cadres' integrity and self-discipline and the rectification of corruption around the masses; the selection of people and leading cadres as a problem, the grassroots party Organizational construction, implementation of the ideological work responsibility system, and accurate poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation; the implementation of the rectification and implementation of the 10th provincial party committee inspection feedback rectification implementation.
The meeting requested that the party committee and team members of the company should attach great importance to the party building discipline inspection work, be bold and innovative in their work, and have special characteristics. The key work of party building discipline inspection should be implemented in accordance with the detailed list. The Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office of the Party and Mass Work Department shall report the work of party building discipline inspection work to the Group's “Smart Supervision” network in a timely manner. It is necessary to publicize the contents of “San Xuan” and “Five Lectures” through LED screens, window displays, wall newspapers and bulletin boards. Highlights and capture results.
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