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Business negotiation invitation announcement

2018/03/05 02:28
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According to the development requirements of Hubei Qingjiang Gallery Tourism Development Co., Ltd., it is planned to conduct business negotiations on the maintenance of Qingjiang Gallery-Machi Guzhai, and domestic qualified suppliers are welcome to participate in the negotiations. The relevant matters of the negotiations are hereby announced as follows:
According to the development requirements of Hubei Qingjiang Gallery Tourism Development Co., Ltd., it is planned to conduct business negotiations on the maintenance of Qingjiang Gallery-Machi Guzhai, and domestic qualified suppliers are welcome to participate in the negotiations. The relevant matters of the negotiations are hereby announced as follows:
I. Bidding project number: 20180304
Second, the name of the tender project: Qingjiang Gallery - Machi ancient village maintenance
Third, the content of the bidding project: workshop wall production and installation, ceiling silicon calcium plate ceiling, podium production, curtain custom installation, bathroom change door, signboard production and installation, Suzhou area ruins lighting maintenance Maintenance, navigation map production and installation, sporadic water and electricity and other maintenance.
Fourth, the bidding project budget: about 85,000 yuan
V. Bidding method: business negotiation
Sixth, construction period: 15 (calendar days)
7. Qualified negotiating suppliers:
(1) having the ability to independently assume civil liability;
(2) Second, it has a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system;
(3) having the necessary equipment and professional technical capabilities to perform the contract;
(4) having a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law;
(5) In the past three years, there have been no major illegal records in business activities;
(6) Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations;
(7) The negotiating supplier shall have a valid business legal person business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate and basic account opening permit issued by the relevant department;
(8) The negotiating supplier has no bad credit record and has not received administrative punishment in the past three years.
Eight, qualification review method
The qualification review of this project adopts the method of qualification review
9. Acquisition of competitive negotiation documents:
On the day of the invitation letter, the business license of the unit will be sent to the inquiry person, and the email address and telephone contact information will be provided. The contact person of the inquiry will issue a list of maintenance work in the form of mail.
X. Deadline for submission of negotiation documents:
The sealed sealed list will be submitted to the third floor conference room of Hubei Qingjiang Gallery Tourism Development Co., Ltd. before 10:00 am on March 10, 2018. Negotiation suppliers need to provide the original business license of the company 1 or a copy of the official seal 2 official registration of the tax registration certificate or a copy of the official seal 3 official organization code certificate or a copy of the official seal 4 bank basic account account opening permit or copy The original and my identity card are presented at the competitive negotiation meeting with the official seal of the official seal of 5 (legal power of attorney). An invitation letter (or a screenshot of the announcement) is required at check-in. If the delivery is late or does not meet the requirements, it will not be accepted.
Eleven, other:
The inquirer may adjust the above time according to the actual situation of the project and notify the potential bidder who has received the negotiation documents.
Twelve, contact information:
Contact: Mr. Li, Mr. Fang
Phone: 0717-5319502
Hubei Qingjiang Gallery Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
March, 1818
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