Scenic address: Longzhouping Town, Changyang County, Yichang, Hubei Service Hotline:86 717-5335806

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There is a tourist reception center built according to the standard of 5A level in the scenic area.
Including geological museums, shopping centers, ticketing centers, scenic ecological parking lots and other facilities


Who don’t need to pay for the entrance ticket?

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Class I: children at a height of less than 1.2m (inclusive), the senior aged above 70 (inclusive);

Class II: the disabled who hold the Disability Certificate;

Class III: military personnel in active service who hold the military certificate, and disabled servicemen, retired servicemen who hold the certificate of disabled serviceman.

Class IV: tour guides holding the certificate of tour guide issued by the National Tourism Administration, who are leading tour groups;

Only the entrance ticket is gratis, not the liner ticket.

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