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5A level scenic area, national forest park, Hubei Grade A tourism resource area,
One of the ten core tourist attractions in the Western Hubei Circle


Machi Ancient Village

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Located in Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Hubei Province, Machi Ancient Village is one of the main scenic spots of Qingjiang Gallery. It is located near mountains and rivers, north to Qingjiang River and south to Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County.
During the Agrarian Revolution, Marshal He Long led the revolution in Machi and established the revolutionary base area in the Hunan-Hubei border region. In July 1929, Marshal He Long established the Sixth Army of the Chinese Workers'and Peasants' Revolutionary Army in Machi, and formed the first Red Army of Workers and Peasants in ethnic minority areas.
In March 1931, the Changyang County Committee and the Soviet government relocated Machi. The old revolutionary sites now preserved include the "Changyang County Committee of the CPC", "Soviet Government of Changyang County", "Military Committee of Changyang County", "Women's Association of Changyang County" and "Changyang County Guard Brigade" established by Marshal Helong in Machi.
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