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Qingjiang Gallery Company held the fourth quarter safety production regular meeting

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2018/12/08 13:56
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On December 6, the company held the fourth quarter safety production work meeting, the company's home leadership team members, department heads and security officers attended the meeting.
On December 6, the company held the fourth quarter safety production work meeting, the company's home leadership team members, department heads and security officers attended the meeting.
Qingjiang Gallery Company held the fourth quarter safety production regular meeting
At the meeting, he conveyed and learned the "Emergency Notice of the Office of the Municipal Security Commission on Forwarding the Office of the Security Council of the State Council on Further Strengthening the Current Safety Production Work", "Work Plan for Fire Prevention and Control in the Tourism Industry of the County in Winter and Winter in 2018"; Safety production work in the fourth quarter, and arrangements for the next winter safety production work.
The meeting requested that all personnel should further improve their thinking and understanding; further strengthen their awareness of security; and further implement their safety responsibilities. We will make clear responsibilities and highlight key points, do a good job in daily inspections, and strengthen the safety control of forest fires, snow and ice, and fire hazards to ensure safety and stability this winter and next spring.
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