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Qingjiang Gallery launches the safe production meeting of the second quarter cum the work meeting of “Safe Production Month”

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2018/06/23 20:26
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OnJune21,QingjiangGallerylaunchedthesafeproductionmeetingofthesecondquartercumtheworkmeetingof“SafeProductionMonth”,whichwasattendedbyallcompanyleaders,departmentalheadsandsafetyofficers.  Atthemeetin

  On June 21, Qingjiang Gallery launched the safe production meeting of the second quarter cum the work meeting of “Safe Production Month”, which was attended by all company leaders, departmental heads and safety officers.

  At the meeting, participants learned the spirit of HBCT safe production meeting, the spirit of files including the Notice of County Tourism Safety Expert Committee Office on Strengthening Safety Management of Marine Transportation, and the Notice of Provincial Water Resources Department and Provincial Defense Office on Rapidly Implementing Important Instructions and Spirit of Provincial Leaders to Deploy Preventive Measures Against Heavy Rain in the Rainy Season; watched the promotion video for safe production named Life Uppermost and Safe Development, and Warning with Typical Cases of Safe Production in Road and Marine Industry; assigned tasks regarding the emergency drill of 2018.

  It was emphasized on the meeting that we must perform “Five Often” and “Five Make Sure” during the work of safe production, which means think often, talk often, do often, move often and report often; make sure every meeting is effective, make sure work arrangements are properly made, make sure focus is put on the right place, make sure supervision works and make sure those responsible are held responsible. Three requirements on safe production were proposed: first, to actually define the significance of the “Safe Production Month”; second, to effectively work on risk prevention, control and hidden risk detection and removal; third, to put emphasis on the standardization of safe production and establishment of an emergency system.

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