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Qingjiang Gallery conducts an emergency drill for fire evacuation and emergency handling

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2018/06/28 20:24
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OnJune27,QingjiangGalleryconductedanemergencydrillforfireevacuationandemergencyhandlingattheTouristPier.Peixinyan,thedeputycountychiefattendedandobservedthedrill.  Thisdrillwasdividedinto“fireevacuati

  On June 27, Qingjiang Gallery conducted an emergency drill for fire evacuation and emergency handling at the Tourist Pier. Pei xinyan, the deputy county chief attended and observed the drill.

  This drill was divided into “fire evacuation on vessels” and “emergency handling”. The simulation scenario was that a fire occurs on the wharf boat and tourists are huddling and pushing each other, which escalates to a group conflict. More than 200 people attended the drill, including those from Qingjiang Gallery, Yilong Company and Fuxing Security Company. After the drill, an on-site comment meeting was held in Qingjiang Gallery where participants fully recognized the outcome of this drill organized by Qingjiang Gallery, and expected that Qingjiang Gallery would further pinpoint the responsibility of safe production, fully absorb the edges of this drill to develop a more scientific and rigorous emergency plan and regularize the drill.

  While laying a solid foundation for creating a harmonious, safe and stable touristic environment, this drill further enhanced the safety awareness and responding capability of Qingjiang Gallery’s employees in an emergency, and posed a significant meaning to Qingjiang Gallery in developing fast response and handling capability, improving emergency plans and safeguarding the lives and properties of tourists in unexpected safety accidents.

  Heads of all tourism-related enterprises across the county, member units of the county tourism safety expert committee and heads of relevant departments observed the drill.

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