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Qingjiang Gallery holds the third session of the 2nd General Meeting

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2018/07/26 20:23
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  On July 25, Qingjiang Gallery held the third session of the 2nd General Meeting, which was attended by a total of 39 persons including the management of the company and employee representatives. The meeting was presided over by Xiong Hu, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee and the chairman of the board.

  During the meeting, Chen Weidong, the secretary of Party Committee and general manager of the company made a report about the work of the first half of 2018, which elaborated on the company operation of the first half of the year with detailed data, and assigned tasks for the work in the next step. He pointed out that we need to strengthen our confidence at work, intensify our team and consolidate the mass group.

  The Proposal on Appointing Lyu Deju, Li Xiyuan and Yang Qimei as the Representatives of the Second General Meeting of Qingjiang Gallery, and the Method of Hubei Qingjiang Gallery Tourism Development Co. Ltd. on Salary Management were deliberated and approved on the meeting.

  It was requested on the meeting that all participants shall take the lead in communicating the critical points of this meeting and fulfilling their obligations; bear in mind the trust of organization, the mission of the company and expectations of employees, start a new engine of science and health, adhere to the refinement of fine management, insist on the construction of corporate culture, harmonious and unhampered development, and strive to create a national-level tourist resort.

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