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Secretary of Changyang county committee Zhao Jixiong pays an investigating visit to Qingjiang Gallery

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2018/07/26 20:21
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  On July 25, Zhao Jixiong, the secretary of Changyang county committee, Li Jun, the deputy secretary of the county committee and the chief of Changyang County, led leaders of the County People’s Congress, County Political Consultative Conference and other departments directly under county governance, in the company of main leaders of Qingjiang Gallery, to pay an investigating visit to Qingjiang Gallery for the construction progress of key touristic projects.

  The investigation team carefully listened to the briefing about the upgrade and reconstruction of the Reflection Gorge, intensively learned about the project progress and inspected the construction sites.

  Zhao Jixiong requested that Qingjiang Gallery should continue to act as the principal role to further accelerate the construction of the Reflection Gorge (Phase I) and the Tourist Pier, apply strict control on safety, pinpoint responsibility on every entity to ensure the smooth advancement of projects; apply strict control on quality, and pose strict requirements and management on every stage of construction in the spirit of craftsmanship; apply strict control on time to press the schedule, make coordination and speed up the construction without compromising quality and safety, so as to complete the projects as soon as possible.

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