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Qingjiang Gallery pays consolatory visits for the Army Day July 31, 2018

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2018/07/31 20:19
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  On July 30, the eve before the 91th birthday of the Red Army, a group of delegates led by Li Tianjun, the vice general manager of the company, and Yang Xuedan, the head of the Party Work Department, came to the troop to send holiday greetings to soldiers and officers stationed on the front line for long.

  Leaders of the fire brigade of Changyang County and the PAP Squadron at Geheyan warmly met the consolatory team from Qingjiang Gallery. They extended gratitude to the company for the visit, recognized the contribution of the company to the tourism industry and economic development of Changyang, and highly commended the scientific management and service awareness of the company.

  Li Tianjun said solider were our most lovable persons and the guardians of Changyang people and tourists, and we all appreciated them for the help and support they offered for maintaining the touristic environment and order. We will fully exert our advantages to serve all soldiers and officers, condense power to realize the dream of all Chinese and the dream of a strong army under the strategic guidance of the integrative development of military and civil forces.

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