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A security guard of Qingjiang Gallery returns 20,000 yuan he picks up on the road

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2018/08/08 20:16
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  A security guard of Qingjiang Gallery picked 20,000 yuan lost by an out-of-town tourist and waited for the owner for hours under the burning sunlight. He even rejected the 1,000 yuan thank-you fee, delivering positive energy on an ordinary post.

  At the noon on July 28, when patrolling the ecological parking lot, Liu Zongquan, a security guard of Qingjiang Gallery, found an iPhone left in a MPV licensed in Wuhan with its door open and a pink handbag left on the ground nearby. He picked it up and found 20,000 yuan cash inside. He immediately reported the case to his supervisor and waited for the owner for hours under the burning sunlight. At 4:40 PM, a couple of Wuhan tourists rushed to the MPV, and Liu Zongquan immediately stepped forward and asked them if the handbag was theirs. After checking the articles in the handbag with them, Liu ascertained that Mr. Liu, one of those Wuhan tourist, was the owner, and then returned those articles to him. Being so grateful for Liu Zongquan’s returning money, Mr. Liu took out 1,000 yuan cash as the thank-you money which, however, was rejected by Liu Zongquan who repeatedly underlined that it was a part of this duty to return the money. On August 1, the owner granted a reward banner citing “a kind-hearted security guard in the beautiful Qingjiang Gallery”.

  Such good deeds are frequently seen in Qingjiang Gallery. Every employee here presents sound professional quality with actions and wordlessly delivers positive energy to the society. In the future, we will further enhance the service standards of the scenic area, offer tourists a more harmonious and gorgeous tourist environment, and satisfy every single tourist.

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