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Provincial Tourism Commission investigated in Qingjiang Gallery

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2018/08/10 20:14
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  On August 8, the investigation team of the Provincial Tourism Commission, under the leadership of Chen Zugang, a member of the Party Committee and the deputy director of the Provincial Tourism Commission, paid an investigating visit to Qingjiang Gallery accompanied by relevant responsible persons. 

  The investigation team visited the Ticket Hall, the Smart Hall, the Tourist Pier and other places, and carefully reviewed the paperwork about safe production and management of the scenic area. The focus was put on checking the implementation of the important instructions from central provincial and municipal leaders on ensuring the tourism safety in summer holidays. The investigation team fully recognized the safe production accomplishments in the scenic area, requiring that the scenic area should further strengthen safe production and management in summer holidays, strictly pinpoint the main responsibility person of safe production, and constantly improve the information construction to ensure the safe and stable development of the scenic area.

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