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“Wind Vane in China • Mass Tour in Qingjiang” large group comes to Qingjiang Gallery

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2018/09/14 20:12
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  On September 13, Qingjiang Gallery embraced a large tourist group consisting of 2,000 tourists from Shandong, Hebei and other provinces carried by 35 tourist buses. They were here to enjoy the breath-taking natural view and experience the mellow culture of Ba people in Changyang.

  The tourist group departed from Shandong and Hebei towards Qingjiang Gallery. They toured the Wuluozhongli Mountain, the Immortal Village, the Reflection Gorge, etc. The unique natural landscape, recreational itinerary and plentiful tourist events really impressed tourists who said they would definitely bring their families here next time.

  In order to fully prepare for receiving this huge group, all employees of Qingjiang Gallery went to the front line, strengthen the order maintenance in the Tourist Center and the parking lots, the tourist flow diversion and civilized service to ensure smooth accessibility, thus achieving success in “safety, service and benefits”.

  Report has it that this hug tourist group is the first of its kind organized by the “Wind Vane in China • Mass Tour in Qingjiang” event. The second group would come after the National Day. This event was designed to shift the tourists from the boom season of the northern tourism market to fuel the low season of the scenic area and add new driving factors.

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