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Qingjiang Gallery launches an overhaul for safe production before the National Day

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2018/09/28 19:55
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  On September 28, the secretary of Party Committee and general manager of Qingjiang Gallery Chen Weidong and the vice general manager Li Tianjun led personnel from the Security Management Office, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office and the Engineering Department to conduct an overhaul for safe production before the holiday.

  The inspection team headed to Yilong Company to check the personnel assignment, vessel dispatching and on-site watch-over. It required that Yilong Company should always put safe production as the first priority, be fully aware of the current situation of safe production, pinpoint the responsibility of safe production down to every level, keep eyes on weak points and difficult points, and keep strengthening internal management.

  Afterwards, the inspection team went deep down to each scenic spot, pier and vessel to conduct an overall examination on the work assignment before the holiday, the prevention of geological disasters, watches and shifts, and facility operation. It required that operators on duty must implement the position accountability system, comprehensively check and maintain facilities and equipment, earnestly identify and remove hidden dangers, and constantly improve on-site management.

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