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Qingjiang Gallery launches the “Poverty Relief Day” donation activity

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2018/09/28 19:54
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  On September 27, Qingjiang Gallery launched the “Poverty Relief Day” donation activity, which was participated by the management, party members, applicants for CPC membership and middle-class managers above the supervisor level. The amount of donations received that day reached 4,900 yuan.

  In order to respond to the initiative raised by the head office and the county government and to embody the responsible image of a state-owned enterprise, Qingjiang Gallery has donated 50,000 yuan to the One Hundred Fun of Changyang for Series Disease, paid consolatory visits to 51 households in Wuluozhongli Mountain, donated articles amounting to 40,000 yuan, paid consolatory visits to poverty-stricken families in Yuxiakou Town and donated daily articles and money amounting to 2,000 Yuan, paid consolatory visits to 15 poverty-stricken employees and donated 8,000 Yuan in recent years.

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