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Provincial tourist destination inspection team arrives at Qingjiang Gallery to give instructions

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2018/09/28 19:48
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  On September 27, Zhao Hailong, the deputy director of Jingmen Tourism Bureau of Overseas Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs, led three members from the provincial tourist destination inspection team to visit Qingjiang Gallery to give instructions in the company of leaders from Yichang Tourism Commission, Changyang Tourism Commission and main leaders of Qingjiang Gallery.

  The inspection team visited the Ticket Hall, the Smart Hall, the 3A toilet in the parking lot, the Tujia Style Street, and Reflection Gorge and other places. Main leaders of Qingjiang Gallery introduced in detail the security management, the infrastructure for public service, the operation of Smart Scenic Area, the operation environment of the scenic area, the protection of ecological resources and the current upgrading projects of the scenic area to the inspection team.

  The inspection team fully recognized the naturally endowed touristic resources of Qingjiang Gallery, gave instructions on the refined, standardized and normative management of the scenic area, and wished the scenic area further highlight its local characteristics based on its existing natural and cultural advantages, and fully excavate national and cultural resources; align with the benchmark of 5A tourist attractions to keep enhancing the quality and service level of the scenic area and make tourists more satisfied.

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