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Qingjiang Gallery launches the regular safe production meeting of Q3

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2018/09/28 19:46
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OnSeptember27,QingjiangGallerylaunchedthesafeproductionmeetingofthethirdquarter,whichwasattendedbythemanagementofthecompany,medium-levelmanagers,allpartymembersandsafetyofficersofalldepartments.  Duri

  On September 27, Qingjiang Gallery launched the safe production meeting of the third quarter, which was attended by the management of the company, medium-level managers, all party members and safety officers of all departments.

  During the meeting, the files related to safe production at provincial, municipal and county level and their spirits were conveyed, and the work of safe production in the summer holiday was summarized and analyzed.

  During the meeting, all participants were required to regard safe production as the top priority, enhance political stand, insist on being directed by problems, highlight key points, refine the flow and scheme in the holiday, further tighten the responsibility of safe production, and maintain the security and order during the holiday.

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