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Qingjiang Gallery holds the wrap-up and commendation meeting cum the work style and clean government construction meeting of 2018

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2019/02/13 19:38
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  On February 13, Qingjiang Gallery held the wrap-up and commendation meeting cum the work style and clean government construction meeting of 2018. More than 80 people attended the meeting, including all management of the company, managers above the medium level, Yilong company and employee representatives.

  During the meeting, the winners of “special contribution award”, “advanced groups”, “advanced units of safe production” and “excellent employees” were commended; representatives of advanced groups and excellent employees made typical speeches; all departments and secondary units signed the Commitment to Goals of Party Building of 2019, the Commitment to the Cultivation of Working Style and Clean Government of 2019 and the Commitment to Goals of Safe Production of 2019.

  Chen Weidong, the secretary of the Party Committee and the general manager of the company, made a working report of 2018 on behalf of the company. He summed up the work of 2018 from the aspects of operation performance, key projects, promotion & marketing, talent team, safe production, and party building & mass groups, and assigned tasks for 2019 from the aspects of promotion & marketing, project construction, internal management, and operation environment.

  All cadres and employees on the meeting were requested to build up the confidence in overcoming all difficulties, create a united and harmonious living and working environment, fully take their advantages to perfectly perform all work in 2019; they should take more responsibilities, leave no room for the lazy and the idle, strengthen the cultivation of work style, better construct the party work style and clean government, and facilitate the sustainable, stable and healthy development of the company under the new circumstance.

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