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An inspection and assessment team from HBCT headquarters heads to the company for “Five-in-One” assessment of 2018

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2019/02/20 19:37
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  On February 19, Qingjiang Gallery held the “Five-in-One” assessment of 2018. Led by Luo Qin, a member of the Party Committee and the vice general manager of HBCT, the sixth inspection and assessment team of the headquarters checked and evaluated the result of the “Five-in-One” assessment of 2018 in our company. 32 persons attended the meeting, including the management of Qingjiang Gallery, all departmental heads and some front-line employee representatives.

  During the meeting, Luo Qin represented the HBCT headquarters to deliver a speech on the inspection and assessment. He pointed out that first we need to clarify the assessment direction; second we need to clarify the assessment mission; third we need to clarify the assessment disciplines.

  Chen Weidong, the secretary of the Party Committee and the general manager of the company, reported to the inspection and assessment team about party building and anti-corruption work.

  During the meeting, the inspection and assessment team distributed the Democratic Assessment Table on Party Secretaries of Branch Companies for Harnessing Grassroots Party Building, the Democratic Assessment Table on Leaders of Branch Companies of 2018, the Democratic Assessment Table on Executive Managers of Branch Companies of 2016 and the Democratic Assessment Table for Talent Selection and Usage of Branch Companies. All the 32 attending representatives assessed the “Five-in-One” work of the company.

  After the meeting, the inspection and assessment team had individual talks with some of company leaders and employees, heard about their comments and suggestion about the “Five-in-One” work of the company, and performed field examination on relevant files and materials in strict accordance with the Working Scheme on Party Building, Harnessing of Grassroots Party Building by Party Secretary, Work Style and Clean Government Construction, Safe Production and Due Diligence Assessment of Branch Companies of 2018.

  On the same day, Luo Qin and his peers also inspected the construction site of the Tourist Pier expansion project, the new wharf boat and the South Pier.

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