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“Love Yichang with Spring Blossom” Spring Rural Tourism Roadshow ends successfully in Yichang

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Qin Rongjuan
2019/03/19 19:30
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  The “Love Yichang with Spring Blossom” Spring Rural Tourism Roadshow, which was organized by Yichang Culture and Tourism Bureau in conjunction with the culture and tourism bureaus of Jingzhou city and Jingmen city, was held from March 16 to March 17. The event was to promote the featured and stylish rural tourism itinerary of Yichang to citizens in Jingzhou and Jingmen, and present the spring rural charm of Yichang that features picturesque and poetic view everywhere.

  By playing the promotional video and distributing flyers in the scenic area, Qingjiang Gallery presented the charming side of the scenic area in a comprehensive, vivid and sensible way. It also provided promotional brochures and gave each tourist a complete and all-included guide book for self-driving tourism, allowing tourists from these two places to visit Qingjiang Gallery at any time, any place.

  By on-site exhibition, promotion, dancing and singing performance and interactions, citizens in Jingzhou and Jingmen better knew Qingjiang Gallery of Qingjiang in a direct and detailed way. The featured Tujia dancing performance Baduxie pushed the atmosphere on site to the climax, receiving successive applauses and praises.

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