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Discipline inspection commission of Qingjiang Gallery has anti-corruption talks with newly promoted managers

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Pu Chunlu
2019/03/19 19:29
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  On March 16, the discipline inspection commission of Qingjiang Gallery had anti-corruption talks with newly promoted managers. The management of the company, managers above the supervisor level of the company as well as 35 newly promoted managers attended the meeting.

  Ding Zhangxiong, the secretary of the Commission of Discipline Inspection, pointed out that the pre-tenure anti-corruption talk is not only a necessary procedure in the selection of managers, but also an important system for strengthening supervision. It represents an education for new managers about anti-corruption and party spirit before their tenure. New managers must remember “Three Reminders”, “Three Reverences” and “Three Cautions”. They should remember that ideals and beliefs are the “ballast stone” of life and be able to stay firm in political stance, never loosen their responsibility and never back down on starting business; remember that being an clean-fingered person is the best “amulet”, and be able to treat power, fame and benefits in a proper way; remember that discipline and rules are “high-voltage lines”, and be able to introspect themselves frequently, voluntarily accept supervision, and never compromise on details. They should revere their work and cherish this stage for a great cause; revere responsibilities that have become a part of them; revere disciplines that can never be crossed. They should note that the handover records must be complete, it is forbidden to treat guests or offer gifts in disguised forms, and perform their duties in time. They should live up to the hope and expectations of the party committee of the company and all employees, make a good start and deliver fruitful test paper at the best time.

  After the meeting, 35 newly promoted managers signed the Commitment to Integrity.

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