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Two film crews rally in Qingjiang Gallery to forge a new engine for the combination of “movie + tourism”

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2019/04/18 15:20
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Recently,thecrewsofGateofLaw,amovie,andCraneinPavilion,aTVseries,reachedQingjiangGalleryforfilming.Itwastensebutorderlyintheshootingscene,attractingaconsiderablegroupofvisitors.  Wheninvestigatingthes

  Recently, the crews of Gate of Law, a movie, and Crane in Pavilion, a TV series, reached Qingjiang Gallery for filming. It was tense but orderly in the shooting scene, attracting a considerable group of visitors.

  When investigating the site, the head of the crew spoke highly of Qingjiang Gallery, and said the breath-taking landscape of Qingjiang Gallery had stirred infinite vitality for innovation.

  All crew members were busy at the scene and cast members were erecting the stage set and machines. Some staff of the scenic area even took part in it as extras to offer support for the filming.

  It was reported that all departments in the scenic area had provided full support, including the coordination of shooting sites and field investigation of the crew, so as to ensure the successful completion of filming in the scenic area.

  The marriage between scenic areas and TV series become a trend. As the exterior filming spot of Gate of Law and Crane in Pavilion, Qingjiang Gallery had received much attentions from tourists. We expect these two shows will better publicize Qingjiang Gallery and attract more tourists here.

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