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MVs for children of China filmed in Qingjiang Gallery

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Yang Jinyan
2019/04/22 15:17
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  On April 22, two MVs, named A Little Girl in Qingjiang and Biz Caryo, which were created by the art committee of the China TV Contest of Children's Karaoke Songs, were filmed in Qingjiang Gallery. Two songs were composed by Cai Haibo, a national first class composer and TV director.

  In recent years, the combination of the tourism industry with the movie industry has become a prominent trend. The shooting of Gate of Law and Crane in Pavilion in early days and the filming of MV entries in recent days mark the increasing combination of Qingjiang Gallery with the movie industry.

  To be completed in late May, the A Little Girl in Qingjiang and the Biz Caryo reflect the natural and humanistic features of Qingjiang Gallery, and present a fresh look of Qingjiang Gallery to the public, further increasing its popularity.

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