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The 10th Tour Guide Competition of Yichang comes to a successful conclusion and Qingjiang Gallery team harvests exciting results

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2019/05/23 14:56
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  The Municipal Labor Competition of 2019 cum the 10th Tour Guide Competition of Yichang, which was jointly organized by the Yichang Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, was held on May 15 through May 22, in which the Qingjiang Gallery team harvested exciting results.

  All entries of this competition were recommended by the culture and tourism bureaus, travel agencies, scenic area, tour guide associations, tourism colleges and institutions and museums of county and city level, and filtered in the preliminary contest. A total of 53 contestants from 21 teams were in the intermediary contest for the 10 tickets to the final. Consisting of four stages including personal style display, guide explanation, knowledge quiz and talent show, this competition was to demonstrate the charm of tour guides, spread positive energy to the industry, promote training via competitions, strengthen the learning of professional skills and expertise, encourage and lead all tour guides to become culture and tourism practitioners with unity in mind and action.

  The two contestants from Qingjiang Gallery behaved confidently and explained vividly, thus winning praises from leaders, judges and the audience. They showed the sound professionalism and the enterprising spirit of tour guides in Qingjiang Gallery. In the end, Xu Xiaoyu from Qingjiang Gallery won the runner up and the prize of best quality, and Zou Zihui won the third place.

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