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Qingjiang Gallery launches the safe production meeting of the second quarter cum the work meeting of “Safe Production Month”

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Fan Cheng
2019/07/29 14:03
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  On June 4, Qingjiang Gallery launched the safe production meeting of the second quarter cum the work meeting of “Safe Production Month”, which was attended by all company leaders, senior managers above the level of departmental heads and safety officers.

  At the meeting, all participants learned the Notice of the Provincial Culture and Tourism Department on Strengthening Forest Fire Prevention in Grade A Tourist Areas, the Urgent Notice of County Safety Committee on Learning Lessons from Three Falling Accidents and Further Strengthening Safe Production Work; Yilong Company and two key departments summarized on the work of safe production in the second quarter.

  It was requested on the meeting that we should fully recognize the current situation, learn lessons from accidents, strengthen the awareness of responsibility and take down-to-earth actions to make proper arrangements on the next-stage safe production work, especially for the incoming flood season, from four aspects “training, management, rescue and trace”. It was emphasized on the meeting that we must foster an atmosphere where everyone was sufficiently aware of safety in daily production to guarantee “Four Sufficiency”, i.e. sufficiently implement every meeting, sufficiently make work arrangements, sufficiently detect and rectify hidden dangers, and sufficiently perform safety education and training.

  After the meeting, company leaders led members from the Security Management Office, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office, the Engineering Department, the Logistics Department and the Liner Department to conduct a security overhaul before the Spring Festival.

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