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Qingjiang Gallery launches the Party Day Activity of January cum the meeting for learning the spirit of the important instructions given by the General Secretary Xi Jinping

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2018/01/05 13:42
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  On January 4, Qingjiang Gallery held the Party Day Activity of January cum the meeting for learning the spirit of the important instructions given by the General Secretary Xi Jinping, which was attended by all party members, applicants for CPC membership and departmental heads. The meeting was presided over by Xiong Hu, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee.



  At the meeting, all participants learned the important instructions of the General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Always On the Way of Work Style Construction Without Backing Down on Correction of “Four Undesirable Work Styles”, the central discipline inspection commission representative’s answering the reporter’s questions regarding the Unswervingly, Comprehensively and Strictly Govern the Party and Improve Work Style and the Rules on Making Party Affairs of the Communist Party of China Known to the Public (Trial).

  At the meeting, Chen Weidong, the secretary of the Party Committee, pointed out that formalism and bureaucracy existed in the company, and also made requested on correcting the “four undesirable work styles” and further enhancing the work style construction. The first is to intensify the education of employees on their faith and ideology. We should intensify the work style construction at all times, strengthen the “Four Senses” and “Four Confidences”, make sure that all party cadres play a defensive and model role in real-life work. The second is to pinpoint responsibilities to each one of party member and cadre. We should take responsibilities by not only placing high requirements on ourselves but also well managing the department or team under our responsibilities. The third is to go down to every specific issue. We need to earnestly implement measures on, remove and eliminate every issue identified. The fourth is to implement a strict mechanism of supervision, investigation and accountability. The fifth is to arouse new look and make new accomplishments in the new era. All party members and cadres must work together against all odds to fully promote the construction of the scenic area, and contribute their power to the transformation and upgrade of Qingjiang Gallery.

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