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Qingjiang Gallery holds the New Year Client Jamboree of 2018

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2018/01/24 13:33
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  On January 23, the New Year Client Jamboree of 2018 of Qingjiang Gallery “Origin and Gratitude” was grandly held in Longquan Villa, Yichang. With representatives from nearly 70 partners attending this gala to witness the excellence of Qingjiang Gallery in 2017 (including Yang Sheng, director of the County Tourism Commission, Hu Xingli, deputy director, Fu Hanqiao, board chairman of HBCT Hubei Overseas Tourism Group Co., Ltd., Liu Ming, general manager of HBCT Juyou Tourism), the company ushered in the new chapter of 2018.





  At the meeting, Chen Weidong, the secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Qingjiang Gallery, extended New Year blessings and wishes to all guests, as well as his gratitude towards all partners and leaders for their support. He briefly reviewed the accomplishments of 2017 and envisioned the development prospect of 2018. Yang Sheng, director of the County Tourism Commission, Mao Xiang, vice general manager of Tourism & Passenger Transportation Business Department of Yichang Transportation Group, Shi Yuguo, the secretary and general manager of Longquan Villa, Yichang, also extended New Year blessings.






  Later, applauses kicked off an independently-directed art show in the Performance Center of Qingjiang Gallery, lighting up the passion, excitement and dynamics of the scene. In addition to wonderful shows, the company also granted certificates to excellent partners of 2017. The final lottery took the atmosphere at the scene to the peak, delivering extraordinarily different experience to guests while pampering them with exquisite banquet and wonderful show.

  The annual meeting was short but passionate, warm and joyful. In 2018, Qingjiang Gallery will insist on the new development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing”, insist on another start of new business and the acceleration of transformation and development, so as to visualize all expectations and demands of tourists on the scenic area, actively find out new management modes and development paths to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the company.

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