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Qingjiang Gallery launches security overhaul before Spring Festival

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2018/02/08 13:16
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  With the approach of the Spring Festival, on February 7, company leaders organized employees from the Security Management Office, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office and the Engineering Department to conduct a security overhaul before the Spring Festival so as to remove all hidden risks, create a secure and harmonious touristic environment for tourists and ensure the safety and stability during the Spring Festival.





  Inspectors checked the precaution measures against the freezing weather, the shifting system and facility operation, and extensively scanned the hidden risks of fire and geological disasters at scenic attractions, piers and liners.



  After the inspection, the company convened the first quarterly meeting of 2018 and the safe production meeting to summarize on the outcomes of safe production in 2017 and assign missions of safe production for the first quarter of 2018 and the Spring Festival. It was requested at the meeting that all employees must stay vigilant at all times, further consolidate their duties, strengthen the supervision and control of key stages, improve their awareness, measures and supervision to guarantee the safety during the first quarter of 2018, especially the Spring Festival and the “Two Sessions”. They should make a good start of safe production for the year and make new contributions to the safety and stability of the company in the Spring Festival.

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