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Qingjiang Gallery wins the title of “Educational Tour Base for Primary and Secondary School Students of Yichang”

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2018/03/07 11:47
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March7,2018  Recently,theresultsofthe“SelectionofBasesofEducationalTourBasesforPrimaryandSecondarySchoolStudentsofYichang”,organizedbyYichangMunicipalEducationBureau,MunicipalCivilizationOffice,Munici

  March 7, 2018

  Recently, the results of the “Selection of Bases of Educational Tour Bases for Primary and Secondary School Students of Yichang”, organized by Yichang Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Civilization Office, Municipal Tourism Commission, Municipal Culture & Broadcasting Bureau and the municipal committee of CCYL, were released, and Qingjiang Gallery was on the list.

  By following the requirements of the Notice, Qingjiang Gallery actively registered for involvement, improved the infrastructure, enhanced its soft power, and initiated two new sectors of “Red Tourism” and “Culture Tourism” by combining with the features of the scenic area. The purpose is to evoke the patriotism of primary students, broaden their vision and enrich their knowledge connotation by leading them through the history of Tujia and the revolution to experience folk culture.

  Report has it that this educational tour, in consideration of regional features, ages of students and teaching requirements of different subjects and in the form of collective travel and accommodation, allowed students to go out of the campus, broaden their vision and knowledge beyond their daily lives, deepen the bond with the nature and culture, intensify the experience in collective living and public morality, enhance their self-care ability, innovation and ability to practice. The first list of ““Educational Tour Bases for Primary and Secondary School Students of Yichang” involved a total of 37 candidates.

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