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The opening ceremony of Qingjiang Fresh Tea Garden launched in Qingjiang Gallery, Changyang, Hubei

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2018/03/13 11:45
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  On March 12, the opening ceremony of Qingjiang Fresh Tea Garden of Changyang, Hubei titling “Bash of Tujia Girls and Fragrance of Qingjiang Fresh Tea”, which was co-sponsored by Qingjiang Gallery and LinJun Tea of Yichang, Hubei, was grandly held in Wuluozhongli Mountain, cradle of Tujia culture.

  This event consisted of the opening ceremony of Qingjiang Fresh Tea Garden and the culture event of Bash of Tujia Girls, while the opening ceremony of Qingjiang Fresh Tea Garden was attended by leaders from Yichang City and Changyang County who also participated the tea picking activity. Speeches were delivered by Xiong Hu, the board chairman of Qingjiang Gallery, Wang Youhai, the president of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Yichang, Li Zuosen from LinJun Tea of Yichang, Hubei, and Li Jun, the chief of Changyang County. With folk songs lingering in the mountain, Tujia women wearing local garments picked the first tea leaves of early spring. After the opening ceremony, the noisy Bash of Tujia Girls was held on the Plaza of Ba Culture, during which Qin Chengfang, the winner of the first prize in the national folk song competition, performed the newly-created folk song Linjun Song of Tea; Tujia girls from Qingjiang Gallery performed local dances and songs as well as other shows related to the peculiar customs and local style of blind date and marriage in the form of probing, matchmaking, crying wedding and sedan carrying, which has attracted many tourists.

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