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Qingjiang Gallery awarded honors such as “Founding and Demonstrative Site for Reassuring Consumption in Yichang”

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2018/03/17 11:42
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March17,2018  OnMarch15,QingjiangGallerywasawardedthetitles“FoundingandDemonstrativeSiteforReassuringConsumptioninYichangof2016-2017”and“NomineeofTopTenCredibleUnit”inthecommemorativeeventfor“3.15”con

  March 17, 2018

  On March 15, Qingjiang Gallery was awarded the titles “Founding and Demonstrative Site for Reassuring Consumption in Yichang of 2016 - 2017” and “Nominee of Top Ten Credible Unit” in the commemorative event for “3.15” consumer day of 2018 of Yichang cum the awarding ceremony of the 16th session of “Credit Comment by Consumers” event.


  For all these years, Qingjiang Gallery has been earnestly fulfilling the concept of trustworthy service, established a special team for reassuring consumption and created a demonstrative street and station of reassuring consumption to improve the satisfaction of consumers; set up a consumer right station and a suggestion box to regularly collect suggestions from consumers, and kept optimizing and service quality of the scenic area based on such reasonable suggestion. The outcomes have been widely recognized by the society and tourists.

  It is reported that the event was jointly hosted by the Municipal Civilization Office, the Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and the Municipal Consumers Association, and was separated into five stages: nomination & promotion, voting, vote announcement, summarization & commendation, regulation establishment. 157 relevant units, which had been recommended by industrial competent authority or applied for the event, attended the selection. In the end, the “Top Ten Creditable Unit” and “Nominees of Top Ten Credible Unit” were determined by the organizing committee.

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