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Qingjiang Gallery conducts a special training on safety and health knowledge, page 10

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2018/03/26 10:50
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  With the theme of “Happy Work and Healthy Life”, a teacher from the Yichang Station of Safety and Health Education gave us a vivid lesson from the view of self-rescue and mutual-rescue in accidents, hygiene and health care, occupational disease in office, while combining with our everyday lives.

  This training further enhanced the awareness of safety and health for all employees of the scenic area, thus laying a solid foundation of the safe production in summer.

  Chen Huazhi and his peers inspected the Tourist Pier (phase 1) and the Tourist Distributing Center, heard the briefing on the preliminary work of those projects, acquainted himself with the detailed progress of projects and delivered affirmative comments on the progress and planning of the preliminary work of the scenic area.

  Zhao Jixiong said that the key construction projects in Qingjiang Gallery will play an important role in enriching the family of tourism products in Changyang County and upgrading the tourism industry. The county government will continue to support the Qingjiang Gallery as always.

  Chen Huazhi requested that Qingjiang Gallery should further accelerate the construction and fully drive the implementation of the Reflection Gorge (phase 1) and the Tourist Pier projects; perform an overall harnessing on the touristic order of the Wuluozhongli Mountain by means of publicity and mass mobilization; actively develop the construction plans for the upgrading of the South Pier, the overall planning of the Wuluozhongli Mountain and the Tourist Distributing Center.

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