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Tourist reception of Qingjiang Gallery ends up with perfection in Tomb-Sweeping Day

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2018/04/10 01:05
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OnApril7,asthecloseoftheTomb-SweepingDay,QingjiangGalleryreceivedatotalof26,600touristsduringthethree-dayholidaywithacomprehensiverevenueofRMB3.24million,reachingarecordhigh.  Accordingtostatisticdata

  On April 7, as the close of the Tomb-Sweeping Day, Qingjiang Gallery received a total of 26,600 tourists during the three-day holiday with a comprehensive revenue of RMB 3.24 million, reaching a record high.

  According to statistic data, more than 80% tourists came here by driving their own cars, who were from nearly 20 provinces including Hunan, Henan, Anhui, Shandong, Sichuan, and Chongqing.

  In order to ensure the stable tourism order, Qingjiang Gallery has made early arrangement and formulated a scientific and reasonable responsive plan. All employees in the scenic area took shifts 24 hours a day, enhance the order maintenance, tourist flow diversion and civilized service at the Tourist Center and parking lots; liners enhanced the transport capacity with peak shifting to offer tourist safe and comfortable tourism experience as much as possible; the performance center came up with Tujia dances and shows to fully demonstrate the charm of Tujia culture. Government leaders came to the front line to offer instructions; supports were received from the public security bureau, the tourism bureau, the urban management bureau, the transportation bureau and other functional departments to ensure safety and clearance and maintain the touristic order. Meanwhile, in order to help tourists make early plans and know about the touristic situation of the scenic area, the consultation service hotline is available 24 hours a day, and the scenic area has also released information on Weibo, Wechat and its official website.

  Qingjiang Gallery maintained a sound touristic order during the Tomb-Sweeping Day, achieved zero safety accident or complaint while gaining more tourist income.

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