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Qingjiang Gallery launches the 19th “anti-corruption & clean government” publicity and education month

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2018/05/24 09:54
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OnMay24,QingjiangGallerylaunchedthe19th“Anti-corruption&CleanGovernment”publicityandeducationmonth.Themanagement,partymembers,managersabovemiddlelevelandapplicantsforCPCmembershipattendedtheevent.  Du

  On May 24, Qingjiang Gallery launched the 19th “Anti-corruption & Clean Government” publicity and education month. The management, party members, managers above middle level and applicants for CPC membership attended the event.

  During the event, the Party Committee of the company gifted the anti-corruption book Analysis on Cases of Violation of Eight Regulations to all participants, and invited members from the county discipline inspection commission to interpret the Law of the People's Republic of China on Administrative Supervision. At the end, all participants watched the promotional and educational video Never Forget Original Intention and Never Relax Vigilance jointly filmed by the provincial commission of discipline inspection and provincial supervision commission.

  During the meeting, all party members, cadres and employees were required to strengthen the study of political theory, especially the speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and firm their ideals and beliefs; learn more knowledge about disciplines and laws, especially the Constitution and the Supervision Law; intensify the cultivation of party characters and awareness of integrity, build a dam to defend against corruptive thoughts in daily lives, so as to facilitate the smooth advancement of all work.

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