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Vice governor Yang Yunyan pays an investigating visit to Qingjiang Gallery

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2018/05/31 09:50
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  On May 30, Yang Yunyan, the vice governor, paid an investigating visit to Qingjiang Gallery in the company of Guan Jun, the deputy director of the Provincial General Office, Li Kaishou, the deputy director of the Provincial Tourism Commission, Zhou Zhengying, the deputy mayor of Yichang, and Luo Mai, the vice general manager of HBCT.

  Yang Yunyan and his peers investigated the Wuluozhongli Mountain, appreciated “three cultural treasures of Changyang” (folk song, south opera and Bashan dance), and were briefed about the development and operation of the scenic area. He requested that Qingjiang Gallery should set up viewing platforms on both banks of the river on the premise of taking the protection of ecosystem as the top priority and without destroying the original landscape, allowing tourists to appreciate the natural view of Qingjiang River on or off the liner; attention should be paid to develop upstream resources of Qingjiang River with a comprehensive layout and focal breakthroughs, so as to create differentiated tourism products suitable for all seasons, and develop a transportation mode with marine inlet and overland outlet to meet the needs of tourists; further accelerate the transformation from a sightseeing destination to a recreational and vacation destination, fully dig out the Tujia culture in Bashan, promote the mixture of “culture + tourism”, so as to play a bigger role in local economic development and build Qingjiang Gallery into a “National Excellent Tourism Destination”.

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