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Qingjiang Gallery holds a ceremony to celebrate the 97th birthday of CPC

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2018/07/02 17:21
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  On June 29, Qingjiang Gallery held a ceremony to celebrate the 97th birthday of CPC. The management, party members, applicants for CPC membership, cadres above the middle level, some party members from Yilong company, Clean Government Calligraphy and Painting Award winners attended the meeting.



  At the meeting, participants received and learned the spirit of HBCT's meeting for the 97th anniversary of CPC establishment and the spirit of the speech of Liu Jungang, the secretary of Party Committee, chairman of board and general manager of the company; the spirit of the speech of Li Ying, the deputy secretary of the Provincial Commission of Discipline Inspection and the deputy director of supervision commission during her investigating visit to HBCT and the working report of Qiu Ling, the secretary of the Commission of Discipline Inspection of the head office at the meeting of discipline inspection and supervision; the spirit of the facilitating meeting of Changyang county party committee for commemorating the 97th anniversary of CPC establishment cum the meeting for party building and poverty alleviation, as well as the implementation scheme for creating a demonstrative county to facilitate national unity. During the meeting, Clean Government Calligraphy and Painting Award winners were recognized, all old party members reviewed the Party Oath, and all participants watched the Amazing China, full-length documentary filmed by CCTV.



  The secretary of party committee held a party lecture in the theme of “Uphold original intention and Mission”, requesting that all party members and cadres should strengthen their beliefs, uphold the original intention and mission, carry out the spirit of “do more, say less”, dare to take responsibilities, play a model and vanguard role in work, learning and social life, well perform their duties at respective positions, and make due contributions to the transformation, upgrade and scientific development of Qingjiang Gallery.



  After the meeting, they held the “Three Enter” activity titled “HBCT Shoulders Responsibility Led by Party Flag”. “Three Enter” refers to entering the construction site to understand the progress of the Refection Valley project; approaching Fang Yuming, the provincial and municipal moral model and a sales person from the Tourist Commodity Development Department, to communicating touching moments; approaching Jiang Yunfang, one of the Top Ten Moving Figures of HBCT, to experience extraordinary deeds of ordinary people.

  It was requested on the meeting that all party members should intensively learn and remember the Supervision Law; deeply implement the spirit of the important speech made by the General Secretary Xi Jinping in his visit to Hubei; comprehend the core meaning of “actually improving the work style”, root out hidden risks at the early stage; become a tranquil and frugal person to cultivate the quality and morality, thus injecting full positive energy for the high-quality development of Qingjiang Gallery.

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