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Qingjiang Gallery holds a training meeting for party building

Party building
2018/07/06 09:37
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  On July 2, Qingjiang Gallery held a training meeting for party building. The meeting was presided over by Xiong Hu, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and the chairman of the board, and attended by the committee members of the first and the second party branches, a part of party member representatives of Yilong company, and all personnel of the Party Work Department. Li Changhai, the executive deputy secretary of the County Direct Working Committee, and Long Tan, the deputy section chief of the organization section of the County Organization Department, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.



  At the meeting, Yang Xuedan, secretary of the first party branch, Fan Bin, deputy secretary of the second party branch and other branch committees made reports on their efforts in party building, and put forward suggestions and opinions about furthering the party building. Li Changhai and Long Tan delivered guiding speeches on further strengthening the party's beliefs, enhancing the awareness of party members, exerting the function of party members, and effectively carrying out party building.

  Xiong Hu emphasized that party organizations and party workers of all levels should actively explore and innovate in party building in terms of party member development, party branch construction, party building activities and the exertion of the model role of party members, spare no effort to pace up the party building to the next level, give full play to the leading role of party building, fully motivate the passion of party members, cadres and employees in doing and starting business, constantly improve service quality and provide powerful political and organizational guarantee for the transformation and development of the company.

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