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Qingjiang Gallery holds a test titled “advocate, promote and examine learning with tests”

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Pu Chunlu
2018/09/13 16:49
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  On August 30, Qingjiang Gallery launched a test titled “advocate, promote and examine learning with tests” in the conference room on the second floor of the Tourist Center. The test focused on how party members and cadres master the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party, the party constitution and disciplines, and the State Supervision Law. A total of more than 50 persons attended the test, including the company’s management, all party members, applicants for CPC membership, middle-class and higher managers (including the supervisor level) and holders of key positions.




  This test was closed-book and designed to facilitate learning and examine learning results with tests, so as to keep improving the ideological and political awareness of party members, cadres and employees. At the test site which was quiet and orderly, all participating party members, cadres and employees strictly abide by the discipline of the test room, and answer the questions carefully. After the test, the Party Work Department collected test papers and recorded results. The test results will be announced later to a certain scope.

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