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Qingjiang Gallery launches party class for party committee secretaries

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Jiang Yunfang
2018/09/28 10:57
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  On September 27, Chen Weidong, the Secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Qingjiang Gallery, gave a lecture in the party class titled Self-aware Dedication: Life Value Reflected from Work. The management, party members, applicants for CPC membership and middle-class managers above the supervisor level participated in the event.

  Taking “engagement and dedication” as the core of learning, Chen Weidong expanded on what is engagement and dedication and how to be dedicated to your work. He put forward requirements and cases, listed out figures from lower to higher levels in an understandable way and gave all a distinctively-themed and vivid party lecture, thus pointing out the learning and working direction for all party members and cadres.

  Chen Weidong said engagement and dedication means treating your work in a serious, conscientious and responsible manner to create the uncommon from the common; treating your work as your beloved one, love your profession and do the best of it, strive to create first-class performance on the position and make contributions necessary for the high-quality development of the company.

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