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Qingjiang Gallery launches special learning of the Regulations on Disciplinary Actions by the Communist Party of the PRC

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2018/11/14 14:52
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OnJanuary13,QingjiangGallerylaunchedaspecialstudymeetingonthenewlyrevisedRegulationsonDisciplinaryActionsbytheCommunistPartyofthePRC(hereinafterreferredtoasRegulations).    Duringthemeeting,wecommunic

  On January 13, Qingjiang Gallery launched a special study meeting on the newly revised Regulations on Disciplinary Actions by the Communist Party of the PRC (hereinafter referred to as Regulations).



  During the meeting, we communicated the spirit of the head office to hold trainings on the regulations on disciplinary actions, publicity ideology and unified front work, briefed on the learning outcomes of the training seminar; Ding Zhangxiong, a member of the Party Committee and the Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection, fully interpreted the Regulations. The background, significance and modifications of the revised Regulations were studied intensively. A lot of classic cases were referenced in the interpretation. The learning contents were practical, easy-to-understand and very pertinent.

  During the meeting, it pointed out that the new Regulations comprehensively implements the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party in Xi Jinping’s era, embarks on “Two Maintains” as the starting point to detail, embody and normalize relevant provisions of the Party Constitution and the Rules. The promulgation of the new Regulations reflects the far-sightedness of the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core, insists on exploration, refining and summarization to document the theoretical, practical and institutional achievements of innovation in party discipline construction in the form of party disciplines, so that comprehensive measures are taken to govern the party in a more scientific, rigorous and effective way.

  During the meeting, it was demanded that party members and leading cadres of the company should fully understand the significance of the revision and implementation of the Regulations, consciously exert the "head geese effect", and take the lead in learning; all party branches should give full play to the role of fighting bastion, earnestly shoulder the main responsibility, and strengthen the education and supervision of party members and cadres, and ensure the implementation of the Regulations; the discipline inspection commission of the company shall fully exercise their functions, strengthen supervision and inspection, and assist the Party Committee in harnessing the publicity and implementation for the learning of the Regulations.

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