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Qingjiang Gallery further deepens the learning of the Regulations

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Pu Chunlu
2018/11/14 14:46
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  On November 13, Qingjiang Gallery launched the book-giving event for the Regulations on Disciplinary Actions by the Communist Party of the PRC (hereinafter referred to as Regulations). 26 Party Committee members of the company distributed copies of the Regulations and the 100 Party Disciplines for Party Members to all party members on the scene.



  The discipline inspection commission of the company has made plans beforehand and elaborately organized to drive party members to further learn the newly revised Regulations. First, some learning contents were forwarded to each party branch in advance through WeChat; second, relevant learning contents of the Six Disciplines were included in the Party Day Activity of November; third, copies of the newly revised Regulations and 100 Party Disciplines for Party Members were distributed to all party members; fourth, a special study meeting was held, in which the Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of the company interpreted the documents; fifth, the company's committee of disciplinary inspection took the initiative to remind and advise the Party Committee to issue a notice on the further learning of the newly revised Regulations as soon as possible, thus leading the learning into the next level.

  Next, the discipline inspection commission of the company will focus on the supervision of further learning of the newly revised Regulations; further compact the major responsibility of the party organization; criticize, investigate and urge to rectify formalistic and insufficiently implemented learning.

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