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2018/12/22 14:39
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  In the afternoon on December 21, Qingjiang Gallery the feature film Loyal Soul and Blood, which was filmed under the supervision of the Supervisory Committee of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to carry forward the mission and responsibility of the first Central Supervisory Commission.



  With four sections i.e. “Critical Mission”, “Courage”, “Devotion” and “Glory in Honest Poverty”, the film interprets how the members of the first Central Supervisory Commission proved their loyalty and party character to CPC with their lives, and demonstrates the praiseworthy and heroic image of members of the first Central Supervisory Commission. All party members were stunned by the revolutionary convictions, will, and loyalty of the revolutionary martyrs.

  After the film, the discipline inspection commission of the company organized a massive discussion with the theme of “upholding the original mission to write down a chapter of beautiful age”. All commented that Loyal Soul and Blood is a vivid lesson on the history of our party. The sacrifice of martyrs for the party and the nation is what we should learn and keep in mind to move on. We should never forget the history, original intention or mission, dare to shoulder responsibilities and work hard to make another contribution to the high-quality development of the company.

  Nearly 30 persons attended the event, including the company’s management, all party members, potential party members, applicants for CPC membership and holders of key positions.

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