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Qingjiang Gallery launches the Party Day Activity of April

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Jiang Yunfang
2019/04/16 14:34
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OnApril15,QingjiangGallerylaunchedthePartyDayActivityofAprilattendedbyallCPCmembersandapplicantsforCPCmembership.  Duringthemeeting,allparticipantslearnedtheNoticeonLaunchingPartyDayActivityofApril201

  On April 15, Qingjiang Gallery launched the Party Day Activity of April attended by all CPC members and applicants for CPC membership.

  During the meeting, all participants learned the Notice on Launching Party Day Activity of April 2019 and the Several Measures for Prevention and Harnessing of Formalism and Bureaucracy communicated by the head office, watched the 4.15 national safety education promotion video General Safety, Secure the Nation; the first and the second party branches held special seminars titled “Strengthen Style of Work, Fight Against Formalism and Bureaucracy”, in which all party members looked into themselves to identify problems.

  On the meeting, it was requested that all party members should heighten their political stand, intensify the sense of mission and responsibility, deeply implement the ideas communicated in the Several Measures for Prevention and Harnessing of Formalism and Bureaucracy, fully and systematically learn, understand and master the important speeches made by the General Secretary Xi Jinping on the general management of national security, firmly uphold the awareness and deeds that prioritize safety responsibility first, and encourage everyone to safeguard the national security.

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