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2019/01/25 11:59
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January25,2019  OnJanuary25,HeQingling,thedepartmentalmanager,heldthesummarymeetingofTourGuideCenterof2018,inwhichLiTianjun,theheadofthesuperiordivision,attended.  Duringthemeeting,HeQinglingsummarize

  January 25, 2019

  On January 25, He Qingling, the departmental manager, held the summary meeting of Tour Guide Center of 2018, in which Li Tianjun, the head of the superior division, attended.

  During the meeting, He Qingling summarized on our work in 2018 and pointed out the shortcomings and problems while putting forward solutions. He made arrangements on our work plan of 2019 and said young men should never be afraid of pain because struggling is the source of bliss and the proof of youth. After that, every employee in the department delivered personal reports one by one.

  Li Tianjun fully recognized our achievements gained this year and required the staff of our department to possess teamwork, professionalism, and service spirit. He compared the company to a ship and employees on board must respect, trust, care, understand, and help each other. Everyone thinks in the same direction and uses efforts on the same goal, so as to contribute their youth to the high-quality development of the company.

  With our heart never changed, we appreciated all outcomes of 2018 and wish the Tour Guide Center a better success in 2019.

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