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Li Ni
2019/04/04 11:55
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Farewell to March and here comes the most poetic April pampering our life with beautiful views.

  Farewell to March and here comes the most poetic April pampering our life with beautiful views. Say goodbye to the past self and set off from a new start. On April 1, the departmental regular meeting of April of Tour Guide Center was held in the office on the third floor of the wharf boat. Vice President Li Tianjun, who is responsible for our department, attended the meeting that is presided over by the departmental manager He Qingling.



  During the meeting, He Qingling summarized the work of the Tour Guide Center in March and gave us new tasks for the near future. First is to improve the awareness, the business knowledge and the interpretation ability, and enhance the familiarity with the “Red Culture” of Machi Ancient Village; the second is to treat work and visitors with enthusiasm, care, patience and humility; the third is to maintain a healthy atmosphere in which everyone competes in learning.

  Li Tianjun emphasized that the staff in the department should further intensify their awareness of innovation, contribute to their work diligently, and improve professional ethics and traits. Li expressed four expectations he held on the department: strive to consolidate the confidentiality of the Tour Guide Center as the excellent team in the company; strive to communicate the impact and values of the “National Worker Vanguard”; strive to demonstrate the unique charm of Tujia culture; strive to improve service level, business competence and interpretation skill.

  He inspired us with a motto “details decide great deed and persistence solves difficulties!”

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