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  Folk Customs  

Changyang Tujia Autonomous County has a long history and a cultural heritage.
Known as the hometown of Chinese folk art.


For the Changyang Mountain Song was nominated as a national intangible cultural heritage

Ba culture
2014/05/06 16:30
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Inscription: Changyang Ancient Temple, the land of singing and dancing; Ba people ancient tone, a long history. Singing the field, dancing in the hall, can exhaust the fatigue, can appeal to the heart. The stars move and turn, the wind and rain are vicissitudes; after a few silences, a few degrees of glory. Thinking and feeling, no increase in light; bamboo branches eight, is it thorough:
Zhuzhi Ci Changyang Mountain Song
Author: Tian Chang order
Inscription: Changyang Ancient Temple, the land of singing and dancing; Ba people ancient tone, a long history. Singing the field, dancing in the hall, can exhaust the fatigue, can appeal to the heart. The stars move and turn, the wind and rain are vicissitudes; after a few silences, a few degrees of glory. Thinking and feeling, no increase in light; bamboo branches eight, is it thorough:
What is the ancient song? Passionate landscape Yuba people.
The snoring is still inferior to the three-coloured color.
Coming from generation to generation, the songs are like Joan Jade.
It’s hard to be ruthless, and every spring breeze is full of mountains.
The sound of the drums and drums is full of slopes, and the round words are like hanging rivers.
It’s hard to pick tea and tea on the stage.
The breeze accompaniment to the ridge is a Taiwanese song.
After a few sounds, I wore a number and led a bunch of sisters.
The child is playing a song, and the waist is like a willow.
Both men and women dance the drums, so they can enjoy the song and dance.
The new aunt opened his face with the nine-gu, accompanied by tears.
The ten sister songs are far away, and the daughter’s first marriage is even more sad.
It is often said that the dead and the family are mourning, and the songs and dances are dying.
The current rural winds are not the past, money is accompanied by drums to the hall.
The couple sang Kyushu Red, and the brothers became more powerful.
The water is flowing eastward into the sea, and the source is still in the mountains!
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