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Known as the hometown of Chinese folk art.


Marriage song

Ba culture
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SeekingKen- Seekingasong(One)Haven’tcombedyet,Justaskingforhelp,Thenephew'ssisterisreluctanttolose.Haven’twrappedupyet,Thematchmakerissaying,Theaunt'sauntcan'tbearme.Seekingasong(two)Speakinthemorning,Saidthatthemiddleoftheworld,Thegirlrefused,Givemeareply.Seekingasong(three)It’sanewyearinthefirstmonth.Mr.Matchmakercametoaskforhelp,Leftsaidleft,donotrely,Rightsaidrightshouldnot,RedGengBacharactertakesthewreckage,Thegirlisafamilymembersoonerorlater. Gifts-PassingthesongDressupasmalllangflower,Swingingtomysister’shouse,Carrytwoboxesoftea.Thesisterembroideredthetowelintheroom.Isuddenlyheardsomeoneoutside,Waitfortheslavetoopenthedoor.Redpaintchairdraggedtwo,Brother,pleasesitdown,Burnteainafirecage.Burningthefiretoputthecans,Caughttheosmanthusinthecornerofthebox,Withacupoftea.Gotothechurchandtakeanap.Therearetwohand-madefineteas.Theceremonyislightandaffectionate.PassingthesongThoreau,Bauhinia,Thegooddayisagoodday.Mr.Hongyepassedthewords:Althoughtheceremonyislightandaffectionate. Accompanytensisters---Accompanytensisters(One)Pomegranatefloweringleavesdense,Inthehall,thefour-characterseatswerepulled.Theguestsfromfarawaysitdown,Theguestsneartheplacewillaccompanyyou.Listentomesingingatensister.(two)Redlacqueredtablecorners,Twotablestoplay,Apairofsilverlightsarefullofgold,Tendiscsoftendishes.Yougo,Iretire,LetGugetinplace.(three)Sister,sister,Pickapomegranateandhalveit.Openthepomegranatetwelvegrids,Therearenogapsbetweenthethreeandfour.(four)Sister,sister,Pickapomegranateandhalveit.Openthepomegranatetwelvegrids,Manyyearsofsistersarereluctant.(Fives)Sittingonabenchforthreepeople,Sittinginthemiddleofthecountry,ahatthatiswornonthehead,Departureshoeswornonthefeet,WhenIwasawayfrommymother,Icame.(six)Thecrowisblackandwhite.Theoldcrowwearstheink,Tenbrocadeswornbygoldenpheasants,Thegrayoftheplaqueworn,Thenephewfriendisreluctant.(Seven)SorghumYeErcui,Sisterscometomeet,Inexhaustiblelanguage,Thereareendlesstears. Weepingmarriage-Auntcrying(1)Theembroidered"head"headiscovered,Mybrother’snephewsentittoher.Don’tbebusywithgold,Myauntisbusy,Thefacecriedandtheeyescriedred.Threeyearsoldandfouryearsold,Smartandexquisite,Auntisonlytakingcareofherheart.Growingfiveorsixsprings,Dressingforthemother,Myauntlikesherheart.Twelvethree,Needlethreadisnotdifficulteither.Familymattersarehalfthemother.Growingseventeeneight,Myhusband’sfamilyistalking,Iwanttopickupapetitetomyhusband'shouse.Themaidenmadeahappy,Thehusband’sfamilyisseparated,Goodday,thedaycomes.Thewife’sfamilyisverygifted,Brightboxtwopeoplelift,Flagstaffcarumbrella"atotalofgoldmedals."Posethesheepinfront,Thewineisfull,Chicken,fishandduckareinpairs.Lifttheboxandliftit.Gegeisopen,Myauntiscomingtogether.Atthistime,Listentohermother,Youhavetogotoyourhusband'shousetocompete.Theclothesaregoingwell,Theshoeshavetobedonehigh,Thehusbandworeitaround.Therearesomanybrothers,AlwayslaughandGossipislesstosay.Don’ttalk,Takeafewloadsofwater,Donotsaythatthegirlistoolazy.Playinganoctagonalbed,Putuparedaccount,Putyourpillowsonthem.Makeacomb,Copperbasinfaceframe,Therearetwoteapots.Goingtothefifthhead,Feetandbucket,Heartandliverareslowlywalking.Mybrotheriscarryingasedan,Lockthecardoor,Jiaojiaowenttootherpeople.Goingtothehouse,Juststopthehorserope,Stoppedthecarandthecardoor.Goingtothehall,Justworshiptheheavensandtheearth,Worshipintoheavenandearthintoacouple.Onceinthehouse,Giveabottleofwine,Haveamouthfulofriceforalifetime.Putthreeheadsoutside,Thecupsandchopsticksareset,Interspersedwiththebrothers.Imadeakissinthemorning,Brotherwantstoreturn,Tearssentoutthedoor.Auntcrying(2)Springallyearround,Therearenewseveryyear,Idon’tthinkthatthegirlisanadult.Adultsaregoingtomarry,Mothersaidafewwords:Onemustfilialpiety,Second,wemustrespectourhusband,Threemustbemoreandmore.Fourmustbecareful,Teariceshouldbeeven,Becarefulwiththefirecandle,Stir-fryshouldbeclean.Fivemustgetupearly,Sweepingthegroundinfrontofthechurch,Yourguestscamehome,Putthesmokeandhandthetea.Sixmustlearntocut,Itisinconvenienttoaskforhelp.Don'tbegreedy,Whichoneispoorinthefuture.BrothercryingIfyougrowup,youhavetoleave.Whenwillthemothergo?Donniehasareturndate,HowlongcanIstayback?Mysistergoes,Brotherisalsosadandsad.AQingjiangwaterinfrontofthedoor,Mysisterisnotafraidofbeingdeep.Sichuandowntothe18thbeach,SeethebeachSisterback,IalsoliketocometoMom.CryingauntThegirlissobig,It’sastoneandit’sajade.Childrenaregivingyouacourtesy,Thegirlisgoingtomarrytomorrow.CryingkissMymother,mymother,Youdoadowryforyourdaughter,Threegamesintendays,HurryninegamesinJanuary,Theroadgoesintoatrough,Thepathran.Thechickenjustopened,Motheriswalkingontheroad;Thesparrowenteredtheforest,Motherisinthemiddleoftheroad;Magpiefelltothenest,Motheristouchinginthemiddleoftheroad;Red,greenandgreen,It’salottodotogether.Mymother,mymother,Amaranthflowersnineleaves,Mymotherispregnantwithmefortenmonths.IwassufferinginOctober.OnOctober,thebasinfalls,Mymotherisonthesidelines.Themouthbiteandthenailisbroken.Thefeetarewornontheground.Wakeuptoseethebody,Itisafemalenon-malegirl.Thebenefitsofthemotheraretensofmillions.Tendaysa
Seeking Ken -
Seeking a song
Haven’t combed yet,
Just asking for help,
The nephew's sister is reluctant to lose.
Haven’t wrapped up yet,
The matchmaker is saying,
The aunt's aunt can't bear me.
Seeking a song
Speak in the morning,
Said that the middle of the world,
The girl refused,
Give me a reply.
Seeking a song
It’s a new year in the first month.
Mr. Matchmaker came to ask for help,
Left said left, do not rely,
Right said right should not,
Red Geng Ba character takes the wreckage,
The girl is a family member sooner or later.
Gifts -
Passing the song
Dress up a small lang flower,
Swinging to my sister’s house,
Carry two boxes of tea.
The sister embroidered the towel in the room.
I suddenly heard someone outside,
Wait for the slave to open the door.
Red paint chair dragged two,
Brother, please sit down,
Burn tea in a fire cage.
Burning the fire to put the cans,
Caught the osmanthus in the corner of the box,
With a cup of tea.
Go to the church and take a nap.
There are two hand-made fine teas.
The ceremony is light and affectionate.
Passing the song
Thoreau, Bauhinia,
The good day is a good day.
Mr. Hongye passed the words:
Although the ceremony is light and affectionate.
Accompany ten sisters ---
Accompany ten sisters
Pomegranate flowering leaves dense,
In the hall, the four-character seats were pulled.
The guests from far away sit down,
The guests near the place will accompany you.
Listen to me singing a ten sister.
Red lacquered table corners,
Two tables to play,
A pair of silver lights are full of gold,
Ten discs of ten dishes.
You go, I retire,
Let Gu get in place.
Sister, sister,
Pick a pomegranate and halve it.
Open the pomegranate twelve grids,
There are no gaps between the three and four.
Sister, sister,
Pick a pomegranate and halve it.
Open the pomegranate twelve grids,
Many years of sisters are reluctant.
Sitting on a bench for three people,
Sitting in the middle of the country,
a hat that is worn on the head,
Departure shoes worn on the feet,
When I was away from my mother, I came.
The crow is black and white.
The old crow wears the ink,
Ten brocades worn by golden pheasants,
The gray of the plaque worn,
The nephew friend is reluctant.
Sorghum Ye Ercui,
Sisters come to meet,
Inexhaustible language,
There are endless tears.
Weeping marriage -
Aunt crying (1)
The embroidered "head" head is covered,
My brother’s nephew sent it to her.
Don’t be busy with gold,
My aunt is busy,
The face cried and the eyes cried red.
Three years old and four years old,
Smart and exquisite,
Aunt is only taking care of her heart.
Growing five or six springs,
Dressing for the mother,
My aunt likes her heart.
Twelve three,
Needle thread is not difficult either.
Family matters are half the mother.
Growing seventeen eight,
My husband’s family is talking,
I want to pick up a petite to my husband's house.
The maiden made a happy,
The husband’s family is separated,
Good day, the day comes.
The wife’s family is very gifted,
Bright box two people lift,
Flagstaff car umbrella "a total of gold medals."
Pose the sheep in front,
The wine is full,
Chicken, fish and duck are in pairs.
Lift the box and lift it.
Gege is open,
My aunt is coming together.
At this time,
Listen to her mother,
You have to go to your husband's house to compete.
The clothes are going well,
The shoes have to be done high,
The husband wore it around.
There are so many brothers,
Always laugh and
Gossip is less to say.
Don’t talk,
Take a few loads of water,
Do not say that the girl is too lazy.
Playing an octagonal bed,
Put up a red account,
Put your pillows on them.
Make a comb,
Copper basin face frame,
There are two teapots.
Going to the fifth head,
Feet and bucket,
Heart and liver are slowly walking.
My brother is carrying a sedan,
Lock the car door,
Jiaojiao went to other people.
Going to the house,
Just stop the horse rope,
Stopped the car and the car door.
Going to the hall,
Just worship the heavens and the earth,
Worship into heaven and earth into a couple.
Once in the house,
Give a bottle of wine,
Have a mouthful of rice for a lifetime.
Put three heads outside,
The cups and chopsticks are set,
Interspersed with the brothers.
I made a kiss in the morning,
Brother wants to return,
Tears sent out the door.
Aunt crying (2)
Spring all year round,
There are news every year,
I don’t think that the girl is an adult.
Adults are going to marry,
Mother said a few words:
One must filial piety,
Second, we must respect our husband,
Three must be more and more.
Four must be careful,
Tea rice should be even,
Be careful with the fire candle,
Stir-fry should be clean.
Five must get up early,
Sweeping the ground in front of the church,
Your guests came home,
Put the smoke and hand the tea.
Six must learn to cut,
It is inconvenient to ask for help.
Don't be greedy,
Which one is poor in the future.
Brother crying
If you grow up, you have to leave.
When will the mother go?
Donnie has a return date,
How long can I stay back?
My sister goes,
Brother is also sad and sad.
A Qingjiang water in front of the door,
My sister is not afraid of being deep.
Sichuan down to the 18th beach,
See the beach
Sister back,
I also like to come to Mom.
Crying aunt
The girl is so big,
It’s a stone and it’s a jade.
Children are giving you a courtesy,
The girl is going to marry tomorrow.
Crying kiss
My mother, my mother,
You do a dowry for your daughter,
Three games in ten days,
Hurry nine games in January,
The road goes into a trough,
The path ran.
The chicken just opened,
Mother is walking on the road;
The sparrow entered the forest,
Mother is in the middle of the road;
Magpie fell to the nest,
Mother is touching in the middle of the road;
Red, green and green,
It’s a lot to do together.
My mother, my mother,
Amaranth flowers nine leaves,
My mother is pregnant with me for ten months.
I was suffering in October.
On October, the basin falls,
My mother is on the sidelines.
The mouth bite and the nail is broken.
The feet are worn on the ground.
Wake up to see the body,
It is a female non-male girl.
The benefits of the mother are tens of millions.
Ten days and a half months can't be counted.
Crying brother
My brother, my sister,
a citrus twelfth,
Brother and sister want to be scattered;
a bamboo twelve knots,
Come and pick up on holidays;
An egg is not yellow,
Your sister is a long day;
a three-cylinder of a water tank,
You and my sister are unfamiliar.
You are a matchmaker,
I am a matchmaker,
The pig's head is pointed and pointed.
Brake the brakes to the sides,
Today, **** died tomorrow,
Buried in the road slope the day after tomorrow.
******** kick, squat,
Stepping on the intestines yellow dog,
See you are not a matchmaker.
Bitter plum blossoms on the ball,
The matchmaker wants the pig's head.
Bowl of bean blossom pods against pods,
The matchmaker wants shoes and socks.
The matchmaker is a dog.
This head ate the other side.
My mother’s family praises her,
The husband's family also praised the dowry.
The birds on the tree are flying,
The rock monkeys deceived.
I deceived me and nodded.
I was deceived by my mother.
Above -
Open the lady's blue hair,
The ivory comb is pressed down.
Left comb right-handed dragon,
Right comb left to pull water waves.
Panlong 髻 髻 髻 ,,
Aromatherapy in the water waves.
Before the comb, Zhao Jun,
After the comb boy worships Guanyin.
Zhaojun’s love for everyone,
The boy Guanyin loves the bad guys.
Rip face -
Face song
Left-handed, a line of nobles,
Right-handed a line of beautiful girls.
A series of three-line bombs are stable,
Miss fetus produces unicorn.
The eyebrows are like a crescent moon,
The No. 1 pick is dominated by Hua Lang.
My sister congratulates you today,
Congratulations, congratulations on being a bride.
Accompanied by the ten brothers songs -
Sitting on ten friends
Red lacquered table corner,
Ebony chopsticks are placed in ten pairs.
Ten brothers and ten friends are invited to sit,
Listen to me singing a song to accompany the groom.
Order to open,
Gold list title,
Champion and brother,
Bachelor Hanlin.
Open forever,
The second time is long,
Three open and prosperous,
Four open golden jade,
Five open five sons,
Six open six cranes with the same life,
Seven open Qi Chaotianzi,
Eight days and eight days,
Nine thousand years of wealth,
Ten generations of new generations.
a glass of wine,
The wine glass is separate.
Make song
A bamboo in the doorway,
The wind blows on both sides,
This year has a happy event,
The doll will cry next year.
a glass of wine,
A cup of order.
A yellow dragon is as big as a river,
The mouth contains pearls,
It’s famous all over the world.
Second, the world is famous,
San Zhao Jin Zi Yuan Lang.
a glass of wine,
The wine glass is separate.
Buckwheat blossoms,
Don’t make the cup a “ten friend”.
I hold the glass in my arms.
I said ten cups and nine cups.
a glass of wine,
Alcohol cups are available separately.
The bridegroom is in front of the garden,
Bamboo holding bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, bamboo
Yangchun has a happy event in March.
Five yellow June dolls cry.
a pond in front of the groom,
There is a big fat in the pond.
Will say that the song is fat,
I won't say the neck.
There is a yang at the door of the groom.
Yang is one foot and two feet long.
Please ask the carpenter first, then ask the carver,
Carved dragon carving phoenix carvings,
Double phoenix,
Ronghua is rich,
Jin Yu Man Tang.
a rock in the door,
Sneakers in the rock,
Say the shoes that make the song,
I can't say that the song is called to the mother.
a pile of ash in front of the groom,
a big turtle in the gray,
Will say that the song eats the tortoise,
Do not say that the song and the pig sleep.
The grass at the door,
The wind blows down on both sides,
This year has a happy event,
The doll runs next year.
a ditch in the door,
Muddy in the ditch,
Speaking of eating mud,
Said that the bones must not be ordered.
Order to order,
Receive me alone.
Four waters go to the sea,
Let the wine belong to the jug.
Candy is for us,
The dish is owned by the owner.
Dripping water on the rock,
Friends and family came to your house,
a piece of gold,
Hand over to the groom.
Please kindly, Mr.
Opening a gold mouth, exposed silver teeth,
Four words and eight sentences will hang.
The rising number of songs -
A cloud in the west,
A purple cloud rises to the east,
The dark clouds are scattered and fierce.
Ziyun rushed into the number.
Yesterday, the magpie called,
Step on the ladder step by step.
Hi here, congratulations,
Take off the blue shirt and hang the purple robe.
(climbing ladder)
The last step, forever,
The last two steps, long and long,
Three steps, three yuan and brother,
In the last four steps, the world is famous,
Five steps, five sons,
On the sixth step, Liuhe Tongshou,
Seven steps, seven women become immortals,
Eight steps, eight days,
On the last nine steps, a thousand miles,
On the ten steps, everything is auspicious.
The number is already full,
Distinguished guests listen to me:
(Here, the next step is long,
Also read the next ten steps)
The number is hanging upright,
You don't have to ask,
The pair is full,
Ronghua is rich and eternal.
Take a song -
The copper gongs ring a few times,
My husband’s family is coming to take a kiss,
Feet full of gold,
Chopsticks shoot the god,
My brother is carrying a sedan,
Lock the car door,
Key exchange,
I am a family member.
Persimmon leaf (child) green,
My husband’s family is coming to take a kiss,
The gongs are three,
Three voices,
Flagstaff sedan firecracker fried,
The fried is a pain in the mother.
Send a song -
Golden pot of wine and hops,
The girl drank a car cup,
I took out the wine and didn't have good wine.
There is no good dish to take out the dishes.
Sending a delicate kiss to come.
Send a song -
Walk into the gate of Guifu,
The guest is full of court,
Ying Wang Wang called,
The guest should sound,
The box table is placed right,
Flowers have table lamps.
Mr. Zhike has the talent,
The pro-family has a reputation,
Please tell Mr. Guest,
With the pro-family mother to devout.
Block the horse song -
Riji Shiliang,
The world opens,
Returning to God today,
Cars and horses return home.
Make a song -
Cold girl,
Born stupid,
In the maiden,
Did not teach adults.
Big things,
Not knowing,
Grandfather, mother,
Please learn the lesson.
Parental answer songs -
A tree plum blossoms everywhere,
Several guests are coming.
Just blame my family for being poor,
There are no blankets and knots.
My family is not doing well,
Do not do it.
The two relatives are not surprised.
Guest songs -
Two high relatives,
Come today,
You are a rich family.
The home of the cold door,
Cold weather,
Second, I was shocked by the night.
The house is secluded,
The seat is disrespectful,
Please two high relatives Dongsheng.
Eight-character song -
Red Geng Ba character paper,
A broken two is a pair,
Today, the eight characters are closed,
Not to marry a wife,
No, no, no, no,
a natural pair,
a pair of land,
Close together, close together,
Synthetic pair of smart.
Gospel songs -
Riji Shiliang,
Match the world,
Sisters are in pairs,
Don’t forget the future generations,
Guangzong Yaozu,
Wu Shiqichang,
Worship the world,
Two worship to the king,
Three worshipers,
Four worship mothers,
Drinking a drink,
Long hair is good.
Make a bed song -
Make a bed.
Four corners.
Mr. son,
After the birth of the girl.
The bed is square,
The dragon and the phoenix are paired.
Born as soon as possible,
Click on the champion.
The bed is five feet long.
Two pillows embroidered.
Love for a lifetime,
Treasure rolls into the room.
The bed is long,
The quilt side,
Son girl,
Give birth to a pair.
Sitting on the bed -
The drip bed is square,
Master Lu Ban painted a sample,
The bride and groom came to press,
In pairs, sit in pairs.
Turnkey songs -
The hand-held key is ringing,
Give it to the parents and mothers to open the box.
I only blame the female family for being too cold.
Rough up the rough rude.
Lead key song -
The pro-family is famous,
Set up a gold casket with a good dowry,
Just blame our men for not doing it,
Did not give the children a few good clothes.
Open the box song -
Red paint is carried on the table,
I started to open the box.
The key to open the box is in your hand.
Gold and silver are full of me.
Walking forward,
Gold and silver against Beidou,
The hand is rising forward,
Gold and silver to the phoenix.
Open the box and look at it.
The gift is full.
A tree seedling and seedlings,
Where Luban came down,
Alpine cut, flat land,
Unpack the board and lift the box,
The box hits the square corner.
Raise the boxed clothes.
Two golden flowers,
Two open dresses,
Three open confectionery cakes,
Four open refining noodles are full of boxes.
Leading shoes -
My mother is a strong man.
You are doing your heart for your daughter.
The line of the cloth city of Shashi,
Thousands of thousands of lines to reunion.
Big shoes are made into buckles,
The little shoes are also silky.
The crispy cakes are the same,
We will pick it up with empty hands.
Say goodbye to the song -
Ye Yeqing, Liu Yeqing,
Friends, family, friends and family.
For a long time,
How long does it take to live,
Back today.
Dear guests,
Stay together.
Back door song -
Mother returned to her family,
Put a flower in the head,
Going over the car when you go
Going to ride a white horse,
Go back to the door in three days.
Play all the way.
Heel feet, legs and legs,
The girl who has been trafficked is generous.
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